9 Things Nobody Wants To Admit About Far Cry 5

After so long away, a Far Cry 4.5 isn't good enough.

Fary Cry 5 Joseph Seed

After a short hiatus away from the limelight and after a brief flirtation with wacky, historical spin-offs, Far Cry is back with its first main series instalment in four years. Fortunately, it seems as though the extended wait for a true followup to 2014's offering has been worth it, with the latest release scoring well with critics and being one of the biggest launches in the franchise so far.

You can see why, too; the fifth title has attempted to shake up the series' familiar trappings by taking the action to America for the very first time, giving players not only one perfectly-written baddie to clash against but four villainous members of a cult family, as well as providing a solid evolution (sadly, not a revolution) to the core gameplay tenants that have supported Ubi's open-world shooter for years.

Unfortunately, while solid, Far Cry 5 isn't quite the home run many fans are willing it to be.

Although the gameplay is tighter than ever, in streamlining the systems and features the developers have created an experience that feels great in the moment, but lacks some of the distinct elements that made the series so special in the first place.

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