9 Times Video Game Violence Went Too Far

9. GTA V's Torture Scene

For the most part, the Grand Theft Auto series has received way more controversy than it probably deserves. While yeah, all of the games let you wreak havoc in densely populated cities, taking down countless civilians in the process, the game is so tongue-in-cheek and over the top that the violence is rarely truly hard-hitting. However, that's not to say the franchise can't get a bit ugly at times when it wants to.

Thanks to the psychopathic Trevor, there were times during Grand Theft Auto V's story where the visceral violence went a touch overboard. Specifically, the scene where Trevor interrogates an informant by horrifically torturing him stands out as a particularly grueling moment. Teeth pulling, water-boarding, and electrocutions all bared their ugly teeth in this seriously gruesome set-piece.

And because you're actually partaking in the torture yourself rather than just watching it play out in a cutscene, beating a helpless guy to a near-death state in an oppressive warehouse really wasn't at all fun or exciting.


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