9 Times Video Game Violence Went Too Far

1. Custer€™s Revenge

Who would have thought that the one game that took its player-driven violence farther than any would have been the oldest on this list? Released at a time before the great video game crash of the '80s where developers were pushing literally any old toss out the door, Custer's Revenge was one of the most expensive games of all time when first released. And if you had paid top dollar for this game at the time, you would have no doubt been running back to the store for a refund the very next day.

The Atari 2600 release sees you take control of General Custer himself, only here the notorious cavalry officer is starkers, and has to make his way past a barrage of arrows so he can, uh... have sex with a tied up Native American woman. The gameplay stays the same for the entire experience, and while the on-screen violence isn't particularly graphic (unless you count those 8-bit genitals - which, actually, I do) the implications and questionable politics of the game can easily ruffle your feathers. Not content with being crude, sexist, and racist, the fact that your entire aim in the game is to avoid incoming arrows so you can receive your 'reward' - the 8-bit simulated sexual assault of a tied-up woman, let's not forget - it's easy to see how the title manages to be more offensive with its primitive violence than any of the seemingly tame-in-comparison blood-soaked games on this list.


Which violent video game moments or scenes really went too far? Let us know in the comments!

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