9 Times Video Games Made You Look Like An Idiot

8. Dark Souls - Trusty Patches

Patches Dark Souls
Namco Bandai

Ah, Dark Souls. Contrary to popular opinion, it’s not just about ‘git gud scrub’ when the game seems intent on surprising you at every turn. Traverse a building full of traps and manage to find a nice little treasure chest? NOPE. Oh you didn’t realise there was a whole other world hidden behind a painting you can only open with an item that you can only get when you travel back to the starting area by getting carried there by a giant bird and you missed lots of great treasure and a whole boss fight? HA.

Near the top of Dark Souls' list of bastardy is the NPC Patches. This hairless wonder at first seems more than willing to cooperate with you and even offers to share some of his treasure.

In actuality, he’s a bit of an a*sehole.

“Go on,” he says, “Have a wee look at all this great treasure I’ve found for you”, and when you peer over the edge of the cliff to see those shiny shinies, you know what happens? This bawbag kicks you up the arse and you fall into the pit below, which is full of skeletons and hollowed knights.


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