9 Times Video Games Made You Look Like An Idiot

7. Undertale - Friendliness Pellets

Undertale Friendliness Pellets
Toby Fox

Undertale is a masterwork. The minimalistic graphics, the incredibly expressive soundtrack, the emotional story, and the genius fourth wall breakages make this game one of the best indie titles you could hope to experience.

At the very start of the game, your human player character finds themselves in the Underground, lost in some ruins. It’s here that we meet Flowey, this adorable little golden flower and, you assume, your first friend in this strange scary new world. Flowey offers to show you the ropes and teach you how to play the game. He explains your user interface, and how to level up with ‘friendliness pellets’.

Hmm, Flowey, those look suspiciously like bullets. I think I’m good, thanks. Oh, go on then, just the one.

Touching one of the friendly pellets brings you to near-death and causes Flowey to reveal his real self. I’m not gullible, I just trust the wrong people!

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