9 Video Game Heroes Who Turned Evil In The Sequel

8. Salem - Army Of Two: The Devil's Cartel


Army Of Two was a bro-tastic series of co-op games that never really took off the way EA would like (the way that makes them boatloads of money), though the games can be a blast with a willing co-op partner in tow.

The series seems to have stalled completely because of the last game The Devil’s Cartel, an unpolished and flat shooter that made the baffling decision to sideline franchise stars Rios and Salem, and then turned the latter into the main villain.

Part of the charm of the first two games was the meatheaded chemistry between the pair, and while it could have been an interesting twist to have one turn bad – they are mercenaries motivated solely by money after all – Salem's leap to head bad dude feels like cheap shock value, and fans of the series were less than impressed.

True, he does have severe abandonment issues after his partner was forced to leave him behind during a mission, but it’s a twist that never quite gels. Too bad there (probably) won't be another game to redeem his character.


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