9 Video Game Heroes Who Turned Evil In The Sequel

6. Robert Baxter - Time Crisis 5


Nobody plays Time Crisis for the story or character development – at least they shouldn’t – but there’s a certain goofy charm to them. Richard Miller will forever be the protagonist fans love the most, but Robert Baxter and Keith Martin from Time Crisis 2 got some love too; until the fifth game.

The game initially makes you believe Keith has turned bad, only to learn Baxter has been the real traitor all along. It’s a pretty surprising twist to have a former hero go full on evil. He’s also responsible for the death of Christy Ryan, Keith’s girlfriend and the agent they were sent to rescue in the second game.

He even got a douchey makeover for the fifth entry, in contrast to his clean cut appearance in Time Crisis 2. It’s not the most logical of twists and the Baxter in the fifth game feels like a completely different character, but Namco deserves some tiny credit for trying to spice up the storyline a little.


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