9 Video Games That Let You Hilariously Troll Other Players

9. Kane And Lynch 2's Fragile Alliance Multiplayer

IO Interactive

The Kane and Lynch series from IO interactive never quite lived up to its hard-boiled roots, but both games were worth playing just for their innovative multiplayer suites.

The second release in particular, while being by far the worst of the two titles, had a robust competitive suite that spread paranoia between its players. The two main game modes - "Fragile Alliance" and "Undercover Cop" - were built on the idea of four players working together to steal as much money as possible before making their way to a getaway car.

The twist, though, was that players could turn on each other and take the money for themselves at any point. It meant nobody trusted anyone, as you could turn on your team right up until the seconds before escaping.

Undercover cop took this idea one step further, actually casting one of the players as a double agent actively trying to sabotage the mission without getting caught. Every mode bread caution and mistrust, and led to brilliant opportunities for dicking over other players in almost every single match.

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