9 Ways GTA Online Has Ruined GTA

9. It's Resulted In A Longer Wait Between Sequels

Gta 6 VI

While Rockstar used to constantly pump out new games in the early 2000s, now it takes them years to produce sequels across any of their franchises, and even though the wait is always worth it, it doesn't make it any less excruciating.

Rockstar took five years to craft GTA V, a milestone they're about to surpass once 2018 is out. Consequently, with no sequel announcement on the horizon and no sign of Online winding down anytime soon, players could still have another few years to wait before they get another entry in the iconic franchise.

While a long gap between instalments can actually benefit a game (just look at the success of V to prove that theory correct), taking too long can frustrate players (just look at the backlash against Fallout 4 to prove that theory correct), and GTA VI doesn't want to fall on the latter half of that equation.

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