9 Ways Red Dead Redemption 2 Has Already Revolutionised Open-World Gaming

9. Losing Mission Structures And "Quest-Givers"

red dead redemption 2

One of the most fascinating aspects of how RDR2 is built - according to the hands-on previews from the likes of IGN - is that everything we think of when it comes to how an open-world game is structured, is out the window.

RDR2 still keeps its mini-map, but gone are traditional, icon-based quest-givers and mission markers. Whilst there are characters to interact with and a story to embark on, "quests" come far more naturally, whether that be from conversation, overheard dialogue or other parts of the world you've uncovered.

Find a treasure map, check out a wanted poster, sit down with a group of NPCs around the campfire and see what they have to say. Focusing on members of Dutch's Gang will likely keep you closer to the "story path" of progression, but a large part of Red Dead Redemption 2's focus has been to completely eliminate the distinction between "main missions" and "side content".

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