9 Ways Red Dead Redemption 2 Has Already Revolutionised Open-World Gaming

8. A Constant Wildlife Ecosystem That Matters

Red Dead Redemption 2 wildlife

Over the years we've seen Rockstar play with the idea of implementing wildlife into their open worlds to varying degrees. The original Red Dead first introduced us to predator/pray ecosystems (those damn cougars), and both GTA V and GTA V Remastered included far more creatures you could see in action, target and hunt.

Now in RDR2, we've got what is clearly a quintessential component of a living world, made playable.

Wildlife and hunting plays directly into the maintenance of your camp, alongside being one of the most profitable ways to make a living. You're free to interrupt things like bears fighting wolves or snakes attacking citizens, and this will also factor into the "honour" of character Arthur Morgan. Essentially, it's a way to thrive without taking many human lives.

Regardless, feeling like human societies and their interactions are just one part of an entire world that would tick by if you weren't there, is fundamental to the growth of "open worlds" as a genre.

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