9 Ways The Xbox One Is Secretly Better Than The PS4

1. Controllers: MUCH Better Battery Life Plus Elite & Custom Options

xbox one elite controller

Another seemingly random innovation that came out of Phil Spencer taking over behind the scenes, suddenly we had what would usually be classified as a 'PC-style' feature coming across to Xbox: Custom elite controllers.

Swapping out parts of a custom pad and using things like additional flippers and paddles to reach the top of certain leaderboards is more commonly associated with the eSports scene, but regardless, there are two key areas where Microsoft is wiping the floor with Sony:

1. Battery life - Even the out-the-box Xbox pad has a demonstrably better battery life than the "six hours and I'm done" Dualshock 4. Both controllers have received upgrades since launch in this regard, but the Xbox controller can reliably go a good 40 hours without needing to be plugged in, which if you've been playing on PS4 exclusively will sound like a dream come true.

2. Elite Controller - Completely optional but worth picking up if you have the cash, the Elite controller is Microsoft's 'deluxe' rework of the standard Xbox pad. It comes with all sorts of optional button replacements and sensitivity/customisation settings so you can get any game feeling just right. Additional finger paddles let you map functions to help with tricky inventory or ability management in certain games, and you can even reduce the depression of the triggers to fire faster in shooters.

This is the result of a company putting all their R&D budget into making the best controller on the market and it shows - the only downside is the $150 price.

Lastly, and more just a "Sure, why not!" inclusion - Xbox have a custom 'Design Lab' when ordering any new regular controller, letting you work up any colour scheme that matches your decor or personality. It's as pointless as it is fun to play around with, but shows another level of customer-first thinking - something that exemplifies where Microsoft are at.

Now, if only they could give us some more exclusive games...

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