No doubt Rockstar has had incredible actors do the voiceover work for their characters. Vice City had loads of Hollywood names; San Andreas brought in more urban celebrities to add the genuineness; IV had incredible actors (Michael Hollick did a mind-bogglingly excellent job as Niko Bellic).

But there are always celebrities that fans listen to and think “Wow… imagine if they were in GTA.”

Well, here are some awesome actors that would do excellent jobs as characters (protagonists and antagonists alike) in a GTA game.

10. Liam Neeson

Liam is an incredible actor (with the exception of the Taken movies), and on top of that is Irish. What could be better?

Yes, we had the McRearys in GTA IV, but we mostly focused on Packie. I think we need a much stronger Irish character – even potentially a lead. How awesome would it be to have a 40-something year old Irish gangster stuck in Austin, TX trying to work his way up?

Something Rockstar should keep in mind?

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This article was first posted on November 19, 2012