Aliens: Colonial Marines - "Contact" Trailer

Sega's impressive, atmospheric trailer hints at the finest looking Alien franchise game in memory...

With the newest Alien game set for release at the end of March, and relatively little advanced promotion work done for the Sega title, you might be forgiven for fearing the worst - especially given some of the poorer games that have been released under that particular banner. But with this "Contact" trailer, Sega have put their balls on the table for everyone to appreciate - and the game looks pretty damn impressive... Flame-throwers, atmospheric visuals and a good-looking general aesthetic. What more could you want? Hopefully the game-play can match up to the expectations that will now no doubt spawn from this trailer. Personally I'm absolutely psyched, and it has a lot to do with how impressive the xenomorphs look: it's all about the monsters. And if they don't have Bill Paxton manically shouting "Game Over Man!" when you die, they've missed a trick... Aliens: Colonial Marines is set for release on 30th March. Pre-order your copy here for XBox 360, here for PS3 and here for PC.
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