Are Naughty Dog Taking Advantage Of Customers With The Last Of Us DLC?

LastofUs Naughty Dog have recently announced two multiplayer DLC packs to be released for The Last of Us... despite the game not coming out for another two months. The development company, famous for the creation of Crash Bandicoot and the Uncharted series, has taken one step closer to becoming EA in a move that shows them to be bigger money-grabbers than Scrooge McDuck in a gameshow cash-catcher machine. Loyal fans of the team are now expected to pre-order the game, not for additional content, but for the reward of a discount on upcoming DLC. A discount! That€™s like buying a sandwich from a shop because, if you pay for the bready treat at full price, they€™re willing to sell you the filling for just an extra few pounds. It€™s a sandwich, the filling should come as part of the deal. Naughty Dog aren€™t the only company to sell DLC close to the release date of course, with Injustice: Gods Among Us already having an extra character available to buy from the online stores. But at least they didn€™t have the nerve to assume their customers would be so willing to gobble up their bull-crap they€™d happily pre-order the game just to get a discount on the damn stuff. Not only is it an unjust market strategy that shows a sickening disinterest in their audience€™s rights, it€™s also pretty stupid. Many gamers, myself included, will be put off from buying the game by this erroneous failure in logic, turning instead to other games that have their multiplayer included for free (and there are a Hell of a lot of €˜em). If they want people to buy the game they should include all the content other games have from release or not at all, as selling it separately is a slap in the face to anyone who spent the £40/$60 to buy the game in store. People who want multiplayer will buy a game with it already in, those who don€™t will not be willing to download it at extra cost. Whichever way you look at it, this decision will likely cost them game sales. Well if it doesn€™t harm anyone, what€™s the big deal? I€™ll tell you. Naughty Dog are currently riding high on the success of Uncharted and they€™re using that to their full advantage in order to trick people into thinking €˜discounted DLC€™ is a good deal. While the decision will probably cause them to lose sales, any money they make from the DLC is a great injustice, as such an early announcement means it€™s extremely unlikely the content hasn€™t already been developed, and it should therefore be included in the main game. The game industry will continue to deteriorate and prices will continue to rise if this behaviour continues, along with making piracy more common due to consumers becoming increasingly irate. Naughty Dog isn€™t the only company to try this egregious move, but if we make an example of them then hopefully they€™ll be the last. Do you think it€™s acceptable for content to be removed from games and sold as DLC? Is discounted upcoming DLC a good pre-order bonus? Share your opinions in the comments.
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