Assassin's Creed Origins: 10 Past Mistakes Ubisoft Can't Repeat

1. Let Players Appreciate The Setting


Whether it was the impeccable reconstruction of the French Revolution in Unity or Victorian England in Syndicate, Ubisoft has spent the last decade creating some of the most visually stunning gaming locations ever, but they're rarely given the attention they deserve.

Recent releases in particular have treated their settings as disposable backdrops rather than integral parts of the experience. Rarely encouraging players to take in the environment, the games instead promote mindlessly following waypoints and never returning to a place twice.

Sure, there's often a token effort to capitalise on the historical location - with usually a couple of key figures from the time period showing up in the plot in some way - but for the most part these settings are misused, made worse that now they only appear for one game and are never seen again.

Fortunately Origins looks like it will be giving more attention to its setting, but it could still easily fall into the same design traps that suffocated the grandeur of previous time periods.


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