Assassin's Creed 4: 5 Reasons It Should Have Been About Connor

xl_assassins-creed-4-box-600x300 As you may know from my last article, I have high hopes for AC4: the Caribbean looks like a great setting to explore and Edward looks like a lively protagonist, and that's not to mention on the modern-day front we are now an agent of Abstergo. We will get dive into the minds of our enemies-or allies, in this case-and see if their motives for control is as pure as the motives the Assassins' have for safeguarding free-will. However, just the other day I was playing the TOKG DLC and couldn't help but feel the upcoming installment should have centered around Connor. This was truly the last time we would play as him and I feel that he deserved another game. Of course there is no chance of this happening with Juno saying his part was played and you know, the other game is on its way with a new character. But ignoring all of that, here are 5 reasons why the next game should have been about our Native American friend.

Even though my opinion may come off as fact just remember:Nothing is true and everyrhing is permitted.