Assassin's Creed: 4 Settings We Want To See In Future Instalments


Ubisoft have taken that concept and made it into the central theme of the next game; whether that will work or not only time will tell. One criticism that the series€™ fans can never aim at Ubisoft is their variation of locations. In five games they€™ve taken us to the Holy Land during the Third Crusade, Italy at the height of the Renaissance, Constantinople during the transitional phase from the Byzantines to the Ottoman Turks and the US during the revolution.

While most games, from Call of Duty to Grand Theft Auto, have focused on eras in the past 100 years, Ubisoft have delved into thousands of years€™ worth of history. It always surprises me that some ask for World War, Cold War or Victorian London setting.

Have there not been enough games set during World Wars? Can you imagine an assassin running on rooftops during the Cold War? Is there enough of a story to warrant a visit to London, besides Jack the Ripper? When you consider great events or periods of time that have never been covered by the video game industry, why limit the Assassin€™s Creed series to a few western nations in the last couple of centuries?

Here are 4 settings Assassin€™s Creed games should visit in future games...


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