Batman: 6 Existing Characters Who Should Be The Arkham Knight

Many don't realise the titular Arkham Knight is an entirely new character...but who could it be?

Who is the Arkham Knight? With the release of Batman: Arkham Knight coming this October, fans are excited to play what is promised to be an epic conclusion to the series. Arkham Origins for many was a letdown as it changed many of the elements we loved about the original two games €“ luckily for us, Rocksteady (the studio responsible for Arkham Asylum and Arkham City) are back on board to salvage the franchise and conclude it in spectacular fashion. Batman: Arkham Knight is set to introduce a new villain €“ The Arkham Knight. Rocksteady have announced that this is to be a completely new and exclusive character for the last instalment of this series. However, it may be a lie to deceive gamers - perhaps they have a surprise in store for us? Could this mysterious character be an existing character from the comic books? The game will allow players for the first time to drive the Batmobile and explore a Gotham that is five times bigger than Arkham City. So with a larger world to explore, a new villain and a great story, this game will surely deliver and not disappoint fans of the franchise. Speculation has begun in order to guess the identity of the Batman doppelganger. We will surely find out when we get our hands on the game, but until then let us consider the existing characters who may actually be the Arkham Knight.

Honourable Mention €“ Joker's Child

With the Easter Egg in Arkham City of several pregnancy tests found in Joker's lair, many fans assumed that any sequel would feature an appearance from the his child. As the Joker is now dead, introducing his offspring as an antagonist would allow the character to return in spirit. This was always unrealistic as the character would need to be at least a teenager before they could pose a threat to The Dark Knight. We already know that Arkham Knight is set a year after the events of City so the child would only be a few months old. Harley Quinn showed no signs of being pregnant in Arkham City, so this idea of the Arkham Knight being the Joker's child falls flat. The studio has admitted that the pregnancy tests were just a teaser and if anything they show how much Harley Quinn loved the Joker. Maybe Rocksteady did want to incorporate the Joker's offspring in a future game initially, but after coming up with a better story they decided to scrap this one.

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