Batman Arkham Knight Announced For Next Gen Consoles And PC

The newest entry in the Arkham series is confirmed, and is coming later this year.

It is with a huge amount of excitement that we can tell you guys the newest entry to the flawless Batman Arkham series (save somewhat for Origins), will be the supremely-named Arkham Knight, developed once again by original developers Rocksteady. Game Informer broke the story merely hours ago, with the resulting wave of approval being enough to power Gotham itself - it's enough to make you high-five the screen in adulation. Well, what do we know? First up the game is listed as a next-gen exclusive, slated to arrive later this year for PS4, Xbox One and PC - with no other consoles listed as of yet. Secondly there are only two pre-release images available aside from the above trailer; one of them showing a crouched Batman next to a redesigned Batmobile. It will take place after City, which as many know the end of that game had Batman in pretty beat-up shape mentally, leading many to think that Knight could be the end of Rocksteady's work with the franchise. Do we think Rocksteady has the balls to do what Christopher Nolan could not? Speaking of which, as you can see in trailer and below image this newer version has hints of the Dark Knight trilogy's Tumbler in its bulky aesthetic, but is definitely more of an all-purpose vehicle thanks to some bulky tires - an idea that feeds into the confirmation that the Batmobile will be an integral part of traversal within the game, as well as giving us a much larger map than that of Arkham City to roam around. It's still unknown whether or not Kevin Conroy will be reprising his role, although his radio-blunder mentioning he was "working on another Arkham game" that was not Origins leads perfectly into this maelstrom of perfection. A release date is still yet to be confirmed, other than the developer going for the ambiguous hype-machine-feeding "later this year", which gives us plenty time to think of thousands of possible things we want to see.
So what do you guys think? Anything we missed off that's emerged online you wish to share? And has anyone tracked down Mark Hamill for one last Joker performance?
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