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Batman: Arkham Origins is almost upon us yet we still know very little about the game. We do know that there will be side missions, some involving the Gotham City Police Department (GCPD) and others which require you to hunt down known criminals who are continually committing crimes across the city.

Side missions can be a bone of contention for gamers, a sort of sore spot. We want more hours out of our games and want the best bang for our buck but at the same time no one likes padded in extras that feel like an afterthought.
Batman: Arkham City added in crimes that occurred across the city from assassinations by Deadshot to back alley killings by Hush, these were among the most interesting aspects of the game. Using his detective skills Batman would try and piece together the crimes that were in progress and hunt down the criminal who was committing them, there were various nods to great Batman storylines that would only be picked up by the avid Batman fan.

This time around Warner Bros Montreal have said there will be more of a focus on the Dark Knight’s detective skills and that there would be more crimes to solve, all of these crimes stopped or solved will add experience points which can be used to upgrade your suit and equipment. It sounds promising but all we can do at this point is speculate as to what these crimes could be and other side missions that could make this game stand out above the rest.

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This article was first posted on October 18, 2013