Batman: Arkham Origins – 5 Ways It Could Disappoint

A couple of days ago the next entry on the Batman: Arkham Asylum series was announced, and while most of…

Alejandro Montanaro


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A couple of days ago the next entry on the Batman: Arkham Asylum series was announced, and while most of what we’ve heard sounds really cool, we still have to be cautious about the game. It’s happened before, we are excited about some game that promises to be the next big thing, and it turns out it’s just a piece of garbage. And this one appears that it will be quite different to the other two games, and the threequel curse isn’t limited to movies.

While most of the criticism towards the game is very reasonable, some of the criticism is just nonsensical (ugh, why the game is called Arkham Origins if it isn’t focused on Arkham and it doesn’t show the origins of neither the Asylum or Batman).

However let’s focus more on actual facts rather than some fanboys ranting, and like I said before, from what we know about the game so far everything about it makes it look like this one could be the best entry in the series. And let’s not forget that there are some facts that we must remember if we’re going to talk about the game, and whether or not this one could be a good entry in the franchise. Facts like…


5. Prequels Are Hard To Handle

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Nothing holds as much rage and hate as an angry fanboy. And the only thing worse than your average angry fanboy are dozens and dozens of angry fanboys craving about mistakes in continuity. While this problem isn’t usual when it comes to the sequel of a game, it is a big trouble when it comes to prequels because you have to take care of many things if you want this entry in the story to fit in on what’s been showed up on other installments of the franchise.

For example, they have to take care that you don’t have all the items that Batman had in the other games because this one is a prequel and, you don’t have all of them at the time. Another thing is that his suit and general appearance must be very different to the one in Arkham Asylum, because it is a story focused in a young Batman.

Let’s not forget the fact that if this is a prequel, many characters that appeared in the other games may not “come back” on this one, for example, if in this game we have the first appearance of the Joker Harley Quinn may not appear. And if for some reason they want them to be in the game, they should have a very good reason for it, otherwise it would be pretty obvious that it was just to please the fans and not for the sake of the plot.