Battlefield 1 DLC: 10 Specific Things Fans Demand

EA DICE are off to a flying start, but can they maintain that momentum?

Battlefield 1 Italian Campaign Monte Grappa

Battlefield 1 is excellent, with some well deserved critical acclaim, but already many players are beginning to sense a growing sense of sparsity when it comes to certain aspects of the game's content.

Sure, there are just under a dozen rich and vibrant settings to tackle in Battlefield's various and splendiferous multiplayer modes, and the gameplay is by far the best the series has ever seen, but we're already encountering what I guess I'll call 'Battlefront syndrome', as the allure of an extravagantly priced Premium Pass looms over the title in an ominous fashion.

For most, replicating the thrill of a well-timed assault coordinated by an efficient bonafide band of brothers in other iconic battles of the Great War will be more than enough to warrant the pass's $50 price tag. But it's important to remember that such a price necessitates both quantity and quality; they can't gift us with another Jabba's Palace.

Working towards better weaponry, gear, and visuals will obviously make playing Battlefield an altogether more gratifying experience than DICE's first foray into a galaxy far, far away, but the title's one-track pass to a veritable bonanza of post-release content needs to really try and realise fully Battlefield's online potential. It's already on its way there by confirming the addition of the French Army and Russian Empire to the title's online modes, but there's a whole host of fan demands that extend far beyond simple requests for different factions and greater map variety.

Indeed, Battlefield has tapped into but a fraction of the chaos of World War I - the season pass could deliver a whole lot more.


10. The Battle Of Verdun

Battlefield 1 Sniper

Like most of the battlefields of The First World War, Verdun could accurately be described as Hell on Earth.

No, seriously, it was described by the German Army's Chief of Staff as a plan to "bleed France white," and saw over one million men mobilised on both sides to contest a bloody war of attrition - one that would inflict hundreds of thousands of casualties on both the French and German armies long before its end. All of the war was horrific, but it must be said that Verdun was a particularly cruel contest.

Due to the fact that this was France's largest engagement during the war, and that the premium pass already confirmed that the French Army would later be making an appearance, it would seem logical that Verdun would be an obvious choice for Battlefield to head towards next. Of course, the French Army were engaged in a myriad of battles throughout 1914-1918, but Verdun was by far their most infamous and climactic - a prime contender, then, for Battlefield's 'Operations' mode.

I'd honestly say that Verdun is a guaranteed inclusion at this point, especially considering the relative cult success of developers M2H and Blackmill Games title based on the engagement of the same name. It's a key focal point in the conflict, comparable with that of the Somme and the Meuse-Argonne Offensive. It would be odd, to say the least, if it didn't crop up in the forthcoming months.

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