Battlefield 4: 10 Things We Want To See

10. Ghillie Suits

This one is a personal one of mine. Where some would see it pointless, others would not and agree. Ghillie suits in Battlefield Bad Company 2 were overlooked. Only when we started to play Battlefield 3, did we suddenly miss them. They added to the overall feel of the game, made it seem more like tactical warfare. Plus, they did indeed help, if your preferred class was a sniper, you could hide in bushes and actually feel like part of the surroundings, and it gave you a hidden edge. Sadly though, they were absent from Battlefield 3. Instead we have soldiers and look as though they ran out the house in a hurry and forgot their suit. They just don't look as classic as snipers in Ghillie Suits. I think they should bring them back for EA's next outing, as an option, much like camo for your soldiers. I have no reason why, just primarily they looked cool. Your probably asking me, "Why does it matter? Most of the maps are urban or don't require one?" This leads into my next point.

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