Battlefield 4: 10 Ways It Can Topple Call Of Duty

Battlefield 4 was officially confirmed by EA today as heading towards next-gen platforms, so what better time than to speculate on what opportunities this could afford the acclaimed series? Though they managed to take a small bite out of Activision's share of the military FPS market with their stunning Battlefield 3, they're still a fair way off proving a viable threat to Call of Duty, even if, frustratingly, Battlefield 3's online multiplayer and visual presentation has completely wiped the floor with every CoD game since. Battlefield is certainly capable of toppling Call of Duty, especially given the new playing field that a next-generation canvas will provide, but there are a number of key facets EA will have to remember if they want to gain a stronger foothold on their biggest competition. Here are 10 ways Battlefield 4 can top Call of Duty...

10. Superior Graphics

This one's totally a given, but EA should make sure not to get complacent as they develop for the PS4 and Xbox 720 (as well as the PC, of course); Activision will also be looking to step their game up with regard to the graphical leap to new platforms, and EA must make sure to keep ahead of the competition just as they did with the last game. When Battlefield 3 hit stores, it was a revelation, and easily the best-looking game until Crysis 3 abounded just last week. The immaculate visual presentation - especially on PC - helped make Battlefield 3 the most immersive and intense military shooter of all time. Activision will be well aware of this, and knowing that their first next-gen outing won't make as much money as previous games, they will be more keen to take risks (such as devoting more time and resources to the visuals). Still, given how Battlefield 3 completely outclassed Modern Warfare 3, this is one of the areas that should be a sure thing for Activision to win, as long as they keep their ears to the ground.

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