Battlefield Bad Company 3: 10 Leaked Details You're Not Supposed To Know

10. A Cold War And Vietnam Setting

Bad Company Vietnam

Rather than jumping back into the present day with both feet, Bad Company 3 - at least in the campaign - is set to take place during Vietnam, with missions also touching upon the Cold War.

Obviously, with this being the more tongue-in-cheek sister series to the regular Battlefield games, the sequel is apparently going to play fast and loose with its historical setting, both in regards to its weapons as well as its narrative. Consequently, there'll probably be some Black Ops-style revisionist history going on, but that creative licence should result in a better experience than if the sequel faithfully stuck to the real-world events.

While moving so far into the future to get to Vietnam skips over wars that have rarely been covered in the video game world, the setting did admittedly provide the basis for Bad Company 2's best expansion, so to see DICE returning to this era only breeds confidence.

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