Before GTA V: 5 Reasons Why Skyrim Is Better Than Grand Theft Auto

There. I said it. Skyrim is better than Grand Theft Auto, and here’s why.

Joseph Dempsey


Off the back of a handful of screenshots and one single trailer, and before a bullet has been fired in anger, GTA V has already in some quarters of the gaming world been heralded as the greatest game ever, and with the unprecedented levels of hype surrounding the upcoming title in Rockstar’s latest sandbox series, few could argue otherwise.

However, in this writer’s humble opinion, I believe there is already a game on the market that it is better than any GTA game released to date, and that is The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Here, I explain my reasoning.


5. More Exploration

As expansive as the terrain has been in past GTA titles – and it has been expansive, with reams of terrain to explore – it has always had certain limitations. Looking out at the vast landscape that rolled out before our eyes, there were cities thriving with pedestrians, new save houses waiting to be unlocked, and locations waiting to be explored. However, we couldn’t do any of that straight away due to bridged being “closed down”. We first had to complete a set number of missions and doing so unlocked one bridge at a time until eventually the whole map was free to explore.

In Bethesda’s Skyrim, the world is your oyster. Want to go up that hill and explore that haunted looking crypt? Why not. Fancy venturing into that dark cave to see what lies beneath? Do it. That big castle on the horizon caught your eye? Explore it, what’s stopping you.

There was just so much more freedom in Skyrim when it came to exploration, and that’s just one of the reason’s it’s better than GTA. Click “Next” to read the rest.