My previous article focused on GTA III, which hosted a handful of outrageous commercials that overlapped with the world unfolding around you. This was to continue well into the series with the numerous sequels and spin offs, with constant hilarious effect, adding to the depth and immersion the GTA world so easily pulls you into.

This second part of this feature is going to encompass the rest of the series, bringing in all the commercials as a whole, and not individual radio stations, since the commercials are littered all over the place (and, with my lack of patience, I found it hard to find them online) From Vice City straight through to GTA IV.

The laughs are large and the comedy consistent, the GTA commercials are just another shining example of how comedy can translate into gaming, and why the series as a whole is head and shoulders above anything else that tries to touch it.

So on with the list…

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This article was first posted on August 22, 2013