For gamers who choose to play Grand Theft Auto on the PC, they will have access to a selection of modifications that fans have developed for the game. If you’ve completed the game, or somehow got bored of running around as the same tiresome character, why not spruce up your game with a fancy new look or a brand new mode?

Those in the modding community with some serious art skills have created some fantastic looking characters for the game, resembling real-life folk, film characters and so on. This article will take a look at what I believe are the top 5 fan-created modifications for the PC versions of the various Grand Theft Auto games.

Note: these modifications have not been endorsed by Rockstar Games and should not be treated as such. But they’re awesome anyway…



5. Mr. Bean

GTA San Andreas

Available for GTA: San Andreas, Mr Bean is the first character modification in our countdown. The idea of the comical and lovable character Mr Bean, armed with a machine gun, running around the streets of San Andreas committing crimes and killing people is a rather a funny but disturbing thought.

The design of the character is not of the greatest quality compared to the others you’re going to see on this list, however the face has an uncanny resemblance to Rowan Atkinson, and for that reason it makes it into our countdown. That and the fact that anybody thought such a character was worth skinning for a GTA game.

Oh, and it even includes the sofa tied to the top of his iconic yellow car from the famous episode where just that happened.

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This article was first posted on August 10, 2013