The year is almost up, and the quest to discover the FPS juggernaut of 2012 is on; we’ve already compared Halo and Black Ops 2, and now it’s time to see which rules the roost of the military shooters – is it the latest instalment in the Call of Duty series, Black Ops 2, or EA’s latest attempt to revitalise the Medal of Honour series, Warfighter? Both series have plenty to prove; Treyarch have to demonstrate that they’re not resting on creative laurels and actually have something new to justify these annualised releases, while Danger Close have to bring energy to a franchise that just can’t seem to find right footing, after the flop that was 2010′s Medal of Honour reboot.

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Granted, the story is neither game’s strong suit, but both have attempted to bring a little more humanity to their mayhem; Warfighter serves up the personal story of a group of soldiers, placing a certain focus on how going to war affects their personal lives. But this is mostly window-dressing for the usual whizz-bang mayhem of the action-driven set-pieces, and in this regard the story really is not memorable at all.

Black Ops 2, however, tries something different by taking place largely in 2025, with our increasing reliance on technology being the focus of the story, given how easily it can potentially be manipulated by terrorists and turned against us. It’s a timely narrative that, despite being thoroughly over-the-top, actually has a point to make, and we’re grateful for it; we become far more involved in the story as a result. Consequently, this one’s a no-brainer; Call of Duty has it totally licked.

WINNER: Black Ops 2

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This article was first posted on November 22, 2012