Borderlands 3 Announcement Is Incoming

After seven years, Gearbox are finally ready to show what they've been working on.

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Gearbox Software

Last night on Twitter, Gearbox Software - best known for developing the looter shooter Borderlands games - teased a new project apparently set to be announced on March 28. Leaving no comment other than an eye emoji (which all corporate social media accounts should be banned from using), the account posted a new poster with a billboard displaying the date and a location: Boston, MA.

The text corresponds with the upcoming PAX East gaming convention kicking off on the same date, and putting two and two together, it seems obvious to assume that this will be when the world will be given their first look at the long-in-development Borderlands 3. Not only has the project been teased for years, with plenty of leaks and Gearbox themselves confirming that it is indeed real, but the cell-shaded visuals of the poster, combined with a small "3" in the top-right corner, seems to all but confirm the relation to the sequel.

The last numbered release in the franchise was all the way back in 2012, though the developers have kept themselves busy since then, working on ambitious projects like Battleborn that never attained the same level of success as their premier shooter series. The company as a whole - from the Aliens: Colonial Marines debacle to the lack of any new mainline Borderlands project in so long - isn't quite the trusted, fan-favourite studio it once was, but hopefully that can all be turned around with the announcement of this long-anticipated sequel at the end of the month.

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