Breath Of The Wild 2: 10 Features The Zelda Sequel MUST Include

Zelda's new hairdo is a start, but what else can the upcoming sequel can improve on?


It's official, everyone: Breath Of The Wild, one of the Zelda series' most popular and beloved entries, is getting a sequel. Hope you kids appreciate this, because this doesn't happen a lot. Usually when the story is concluded in a Zelda game, that's it, and the developers move on to the next generation. This is the first time since the Wind Waker sequel on DS all those years ago that we're getting a straight up continuation, and it is glorious.

So, like any sequel, there's a lot that it can do to make itself even better than its predecessor. The first Breath Of The Wild is a stone-cold modern classic, but it definitely ruffled feathers in certain areas.

Consequently, from expanding on story details left vague or not given enough room to breathe in the first release, to gameplay fixes that irked certain sections of the playerbase, Breath Of The Wild 2 has a lot on its plate it needs to address.

But this is Nintendo, and they wouldn't be making a direct sequel if they didn't know what they were doing, and what to improve upon, or expand in order to make it the most worthy of sequels it can be.


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