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Call Of Duty Ghosts has been unleashed resulting with the world collectively flipping its lid once again. It really shouldn’t surprise anyone anymore when you factor in the palpable and hyperbolic atmosphere surrounding the launch of every installment, yet every year we find ourselves baffled at the loyalism or in genuine shock at aspects of the game. Multiple news outlets erupted in unison this past Tuesday and the stories range from head-shaking absurdity to scary situations to some admittedly interesting finds regarding the game itself.

This article will point out 10 cases of bizarre events that have forever made their mark on the launch of Ghosts. You’re going to laugh at how far some people take their undying love for the franchise, you’re going to be in disgust at how far some gamers will go for a copy, you’re going to see a really awesome Nintendo reference, but most of all you’re just going to come away perplexed at how rabid this packed fanbase is, regardless that the series sees annual releases every year.

I don’t envy or mean to mock these people (well some I do, but those cases will be obvious) just for showing their unabashed support for something they love, I actually applaud them for wearing their heart on their sleeve. There’s just no denying that the majority of these situations are downright ludicrous.

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This article was first posted on November 8, 2013