Call Of Duty 2018: 10 Leaked Details You Need To Know

You didn't expect Activision to miss the Battle Royale bandwagon, did you?

Call Of Duty Battle Royale

After suffering a decline since the start of the generation, Call of Duty has bounced back in a massive way thanks to the unprecedented success of Sledgehammer Games' most recent instalment, WW2. Going back to basics and delivering an entry in the franchise that dropped all of the interesting-if-flawed ideas Activision have been preoccupied with for the past couple of releases, although it wasn't perfect, the throwback title certainly struck a chord with fans.

Despite still going strong both in terms of sales and new content though, eyes have inevitably started to be cast towards the end of 2018, and what the franchise has up its sleeve next. With these games working on a three-year development cycle, it's anyone's guess as to how the recent success of WW2 has impacted the upcoming game, but one thing's for sure: Call of Duty 2018 needs to be another winner to maintain the renewed interest in this franchise.

Thankfully, information has started to trickle through about what shape the next COD is going to take come November. Activision are riding high at the moment, and if this information turns out to be true, they shouldn't have anything to worry about going into 2019.


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