Call Of Duty 2019 WILL Have Single-Player Campaign

And it's being touted as a "next-gen" experience...

Modern Warfare 4

Fear not, COD fans, because although the upcoming Black Ops 4 has disappointed many by replacing its single-player campaign with a Battle Royale mode, according to a job listing picked up by Charlie INTEL, this experiment won’t become a franchise staple.

Posted by Infinity Ward, who are currently hard at work on 2019’s as-of-yet unannounced Call of Duty title, the listing is seeking a programmer who can “bring to life game characters through naturalistic and cinematic implementation of vocal performance” and a “broad understanding of both multiplayer and single player game design”.

The skills needed seem to be for something more than Black Ops 4's three main modes, with the listing specifically mentioning single-player and cinematic storytelling. That seemingly rules out the suggestion that the job could be for the increasingly story-focused zombies, which has been far more concerned with characters and narrative easter eggs over the past few releases.

Likewise, previous rumours suggested that the studio's next project would be Modern Warfare 4, a sequel which would demand a campaign that lives up to the calibre of the previous releases.

However, perhaps the more exciting tidbit tucked away in the listing is that the project is for “multiple next-gen platforms”. Activision have often reiterated that each Call of Duty is produced on a three-year cycle (which is why we know Infinity Ward’s upcoming instalment will be 2019’s game, as their last was 2016's Infinite Warfare), meaning the next-generation of consoles could be coming sooner, rather than later...

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