Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4 - Ranking All 20 Primary Weapons

Not all primaries are created equal.


The fast-paced, arcadey gameplay featured in Call of Duty has always suffered from imbalance, and players have complained about certain features being overpowered or underpowered since before the first Modern Warfare. These criticisms are definitely warranted in most cases, though Activision seems to increasingly emphasize their widely disliked monetization schemes over properly adjusting the game.

That issue isn’t endemic to just Black Ops 4, of course - it’s more of a product of the current parasitic triple-A space. Despite this, lauded Call of Duty developer Treyarch managed to release a title with which series stalwarts seem to be happy, and that is no small task.

That said, some in-game systems are a little wonky and could use some fine-tuning, but the overall experience is pretty solid. There are no World at War style MP40s or pre-patch MW2 Model 1887s to be found here.

Still, not all weapons are created equal, and some loadout selections offer major advantages over others, though all of this is subject to change should Treyarch implement any major weapon balance patches in the future.


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