It’s that time of year.

Graduations, the beginning of summer breaks, the advent of warmer weather… and about that time of year that gamers look forward to E3, and the barrage of information, teasers, and trailers about new games coming out in the fall (although I think my GPA would be far better if the good stuff DIDN’T come out during my exam week, but hey that’s just me). This is a perennial ritual that all of us tech-junkies rabidly repeat, although this year comes with some additional hype – the soon-to-be-revealed PS4, as well as the premiere debut of Microsoft’s successor to its XBOX 360.

However, it is also time for an event that occurs annually – the hype surrounding the latest iteration of Call of Duty. In this case, that would be Call of Duty: Ghosts, a new take on the series that departs from the Modern Warfare storyline, leaving the series that “started it all” behind.

Now, any CoD gamer knows that Activision and Microsoft are business partners, and as such, the game is significantly shifted toward the XBOX demographic – in development, the game is coded on XBOX systems so it’s performance is more consistent, the playing experience is better, and that is to say nothing of the fact that XBOX CoD gamers will always receive DLC at least a month earlier than their PS3 counterparts – however, Activision can help both Sony and Microsoft by making their latest product exclusive to Next-Gen consoles, even though they have already confirmed they are developing the game for both current-gen and next-gen consoles.

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This article was first posted on May 23, 2013