Castlevania Season 2: 10 Reasons To Be Excited

10. A Longer Season


With the new season comes eight new episodes, twice the size of the first season's four, giving characters more time to be explored, and events more time to unfold. One of the main gripes of anyone who's watched the fantastic series, touted as the animated Game of Thrones of Netflix's lineup, is its brevity, with four 25-minute episodes making fans and newcomers alike hunger for more.

The promised eight episodes is a big step up in terms of content, especially knowing that production had technically been going on for over a decade, with the original idea for an animated film, then a live action film, tossed around until the decision to bring it to Netflix and extend it into seasons. Ellis's script already separated the story into three-act structures with the intent of a franchise, so with the new format, he's able to tell more of the story than before, not needing to condense too much of it into a film or three.

Though eight episodes has long since been thought as the ideal for a Netflix series, the show's 25-minute runtimes per episode will likely leave fans hoping for a full thirteen in the next season.

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