Combat Wings: The Great Battles of WWII New Trailer and Pilotable Planes Revealed

Dev/Pub team City Interactive finally release gameplay footage from their upcoming Combat Wings title, as well as revealing pilotable planes and a host of nifty new screenshots.

City Interactive have finally let slip some gameplay footage from their upcoming release into the Combat Wings franchise. We’ve previously speculated on just why there’s been no gameplay footage published this close to release, but in one fell swoop, City Interactive have finally allayed our skepticism. With Great Battles of WWII tipped to be released next month (although there’s still no set-in-stone date) it’s about time they finally decided to reveal their hand.

Check out the new Gameplay trailer here:

To accompany their new trailer, they’ve also revealed exactly what we’ll be flying when the title finally does land. There are six planes in total (which is a little disappointing considering that numerous online resources have speculated that there are be around 50 plane models within Great Battles; looks like 44 of ‘em are to be NPC planes). The crafts you’ll be piloting come release are as follows:

Pilotable Planes in Combat Wings: The Great Battles of WWII

o   Supermarine Spitfire Mk. I: Undeniably one of the finest fighter aircraft of the war, combining superior speed with great maneuverability.  It’s the most widely produced British aircraft ever. 

o   Messerschmitt Bf 109E: The plane that sent shockwaves across Europe as the newly born Luftwaffe unleashed its part of the blitzkrieg.

o   Grumman F6F-3 ‘Hellcat’: A successor to the Wildcat that was stronger, tougher, faster and more maneuverable.  It accounted for 4,497 of the 6,477 kills achieved by American carrier pilots during the war.

o   Mitsubishi A6M ‘Zeke’: The most famous Japanese fighter aircraft.  Early in the war, the Zeke was unsurpassed in dogfighting, gaining an amazing 12 to 1 kill ratio. 

o   Lockheed P-38 ‘Lightning’:  One of the best all-round heavy fighters of the war. Had a very heavy, concentrated armament and two engines to guarantee excellent durability. It performed admirably against both the Japanese and the Germans. 

o   Junkers Ju 87B ‘Stuka’: The dive bomber made famous by the terrifying sound produced by its ‘Jericho Trumpet’ a siren that produced a loud wailing during the plane’s dive — terrifying for the soldiers on the ground.

And last but not least, City Interactive has also released a slew of gameplay stills, which you can find posted to WhatCulture’s dedicated Combat Wings: Great Battles of WWII page.

Combat Wings: The Great Battle of WWII should be released sometime in March (date TBC),on Xbox 360, PS3, Wii and PC. Watch this space for further updates!