Complete History Of WWE Video Games - Part 1 (1987-1995)

Wwe2k14 WWE 2K14 is about two weeks away from release and looks set to be the deepest, most accurate WWE gaming experience yet. When THQ filed for bankruptcy, fans hoped that someone else would pick up the publishing rights to the yearly WWE series. Enter Take Two, who added the WWE to their already impressive list of annual sports games like NHL and NBA2K. Being the first in the 2K series, the company will be looking to come out swinging, proving that they can breathe new life into the long running franchise. As already announced, almost everything from the previous game will be getting either a complete overhaul or at least a new lick of paint. This includes the addition of two new modes in "30 Years of Wrestlemania" and "The Streak" mode alongside the already existing WWE Universe Mode. Fans of the WWE Creation centre will also be treated to impressive improvements to that always impressive aspect of the game. But it wasn't always so good for fans that enjoyed both wrestling and gaming. WWE games have been being produced almost as long as games consoles have existed. Starting way back in 1987, there have been upwards of 50 different games using the official WWE license and they haven't always been as good as the games we've become accustomed to. In this series of articles, I will be taking a look back at the complete history of WWE Video games, starting way back in the late 80s and bringing us right up to the long anticipated release of WWE 2K14.
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