Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy: 15 Most Brutally Hard Levels

Get ready to rage all over again.

Crash Bandicoot N Sane Uka Uka

Crash Bandicoot is finally back with Vicarious Visions' wonderful N. Sane Trilogy remastering of the original three games, and as rapturous as the critical and fan reception is so far, there's also been a consistent sentiment expressing surprise at just how difficult the games are.

Though the first Crash in particular has always been one of the most challenging AAA platformers of its era, Vicarious Visions has given players an extra challenge by subtly altering the series' jumping mechanics, throwing off long-time fans' muscle memory and causing them to miss more jumps than they would typically expect.

This mechanical update only compounds the trilogy's already considerable difficulty, ensuring that by the time you've crushed all three games, you'll probably want a long lie down and a warm cup of cocoa.

As you make your way though the shiny new updates of the classic titles, these are the 15 levels you need to watch out for, and if you're smart you'll at least consider banking a stockpile of lives before even attempting them...


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