Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled : 11 Tracks & Characters We Want To See

11. Track: Orient Express/ Midnight Run

Vicarious Visions

One of many favourite levels amongst Crash fans, the fun, frantic and fast paced nature of the great wall of china levels in Crash 3: Warped make it an ideal candidate for a race track.

The rolling barrels and dragons flying over would be obvious hazards, but the track could have some interesting design with the vertically split paths requiring the player to jump off ramps for a potential shortcut. The setting as well, is rife for adding extra details to really make it stand out.

In terms of track layout, its uncertain how this could work, seeing as the Great Wall of China kinda makes things quite straightforward. Perhaps adding an indoor area within the wall for racers to travel back along to a starting point, adding more depth to an already well thought out and memorable level.


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