Days Gone: 13 Essential Tips & Tricks The Game Doesn't Tell You

13. Driving Over Bodies Loots Them

Days Gone

Speaking of minimising the tedium of looting, having to wander through a battlefield once you've won to scavenge from the dead bodies can get old after a while. It's made especially frustrating because enemies die next to their weapons, and you'll inevitably encounter a frustrating moment where you wanted to loot the body but accidentally swapped out your gun with theirs, but thankfully there is a way to make this process totally obsolete.

As always, it comes back to the bike, as driving over dead bodies instantly picks up whatever loot they had on them without forcing you into a couple-second animation.

Why that's not the norm anyway - considering looting Freaker corpses requires no input from the player - is anyone's guess, but driving over dead bodies is a decent enough workaround for this slight inconvenience.

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