Dead Rising 3 Review: 7 Reasons It's The First Must Own Next Generation Title

Dead Rising 3 57010 Aside from succeeding at gleefully being B movie horror lunacy, the Dead Rising franchise has an interesting history to it. The original game was released early in the Xbox 360€™s lifecycle as an exclusive that actually sold a decent amount of systems. There€™s a good chance that if you adopted an Xbox 360 early, some of your earliest and fondest memories are running around Willamette Mall with 2 mini chainsaws, chopping apart zombies until you dropped. Future installments would go multi-platform, but that makes the scenario of Dead Rising 3€™s Xbox One exclusivity that much more interesting to watch unfold. Capcom is a company unfortunately on the brink of bankruptcy, which adds even more fuel to the fire. Dead Rising 1 was such a successful asset to Microsoft and Capcom that this return to exclusivity almost feels natural, rather than a case of Microsoft tossing money around and whispering to developers €œPsst, make us some games€. Capcom probably was just hoping lightning would strike the same spot twice in an effort to finally have something go their way. I can€™t argue if either corporation is currently satisfied financially yet, but I can tell you that Dead Rising 3 is a damn fine game.

7. Zombies, Zombies Everywhere

Honestly speaking, of all the PS4/Xbox One titles we have been bedazzled by, Dead Rising 3 is on the weaker side of the spectrum. The level of detail in environments and characters feel from a late generation 360 title. If anything, the game just looks like a beefed up Dead Rising 2. This isn€™t a bad thing though because the performance of the game is outstanding, most definitely screaming next generation. Throughout the early goings of Dead Rising 3, there aren€™t a totally insane number of zombies on screen, resulting in the limits of the Xbox One not being pushed too hard. As the story goes on though, the amount of zombie population increasers and increases, until eventually you find yourself in crowds of literally one hundred zombies at once. Whether you€™re slicing your way through them, driving down the highway at blistering speeds, or causing massive explosions, the framerate rarely if ever drops below its optimized speed of 30. Previous Dead Rising games have always suffered from framerate issues so this is like entering a whole new world of zombie slaying.

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