Dead Space 3 – First Gameplay Look

New gameplay and commentary released by Visceral Games.

Alex Turner


It’s an exciting time for Dead Space fans and symphorophiles alike this week, as Visceral Games treats us to our first explosive, disaster-stricken, necromorph-ridden twenty minute gameplay trailer for Dead Space 3.

Presented by Executive Producer Steve Papoutsis, the footage begins in the second act, Isaac having ‘discovered an all-new hostile environment’ leading him to an encounter with a brand new necromorph. We see Isaac traversing an icy, post-disaster no man’s land, taking us through a variety of environments and even a couple of boss fights.

You’ll see a lot of new features and set pieces, including the all-new co-op play. The pace seems decidedly quicker than what we’ve come to expect from the Dead Space franchise, the gunplay a lot louder and the action more frequent. There’s less listening to things crawling around in vents, keeping you on edge and a lot more just shooting everything right up in the face.

This footage seems to imply that Visceral intend follow on from Dead Space 2 and do away with the old-school survival horror elements that many loved so much about the original. Is that a good thing? Stay tuned for more news.

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