Destiny 2: 10 Big Fixes & Improvements It Must Make

How to capitalise on what the world WANTS Destiny to be.

Destiny 2

Congratulations are in order for the folks at Bungie, as finally, a full year later than originally planned, Destiny 2 will land on consoles and PC before 2017 is done, leaving behind the best and worst elements of its predecessor. As a memento for new and veteran players alike, this first sequel needs to avoid the missteps of its progenitor, and some big improvements need to be made under the hood before September rolls around.

A great deal of baggage has found itself attached to Destiny due to its longer than expected role as Bungie's flagship title, and in order to prolong its lifespan, a handful of, let's say, unwelcome features have cropped up over the last three years, which wouldn't be missed should they be scrapped (sorry, Tess). Still, it's testament to the talented folks at Bungie, that no criticisms of Destiny's core gameplay have ever been raised, nor are they present here.

Instead, it's the parts working in tandem to support that core which need to be placed under the magnifying glass. Only then, will Destiny 2 reach the heights that Bungie had envisioned for the original.


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