Destiny 2: 10 Big Fixes & Improvements It Must Make

10. Ditch (Or Reduce) The Focus On Microtransactions


Despite the fact that the internet goes into near-meltdown every time a publisher is forced to utter the word "microtransactions" when outlining the features of its next new game, those dreaded five syllables don't necessarily need to be greeted with burning pitchforks and verbal abuse - they're not all bad.

In fact, some of the best games on the market right now cost absolutely nothing to download, surviving solely on revenue generated from optional cosmetic items, which is fine, but lines need to be drawn somewhere - especially considering Destiny's oft-talked about budget of 500 million dollars.

When publishers start believing it's acceptable to lock various - randomized, might I add - items behind a paywall, as well as requiring the purchase of a full price game and its expansions, such 'optional' niceties quickly get out of hand.

If Tess Everis' often extortionate Eververse store returns in Destiny 2, the price of its Silver currency either needs to be brought down a notch. or the items it offers need to be made obtainable by other means. It's that simple.

With any luck, the recent changes made to how the store functions in the original Destiny are a sign of how Destiny 2 plans to handle Tess' return.


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