Destiny 2: 12 Secrets & Hidden Features You Totally Missed

When in doubt, get your Ghost out.

Destiny 2

After only a short amount of time, it's clear Destiny 2 is once again an overwhelmingly successful venture for Activision and Bungie. Even in the face of an original instalment that disappointed far more than it pleased and the fact that marketing for D2 was pretty barebones, 1.2 million players (and counting) are having an absolute blast.

And for good reason. Though Bungie's latest can be looked upon as an interlocking set of mechanics predicated on stat-grinds, microtransactions and loot drops, its core feel of shooting might just be the best FPS combat on the planet. Such was the case back in 2014 too (and the reason why Destiny's average hour count across all players was at a time, 500 hours), translating into a sequel that only needed to make minor refinements to result in perfection.

The last piece of the puzzle - and it's a big one - was narrative. Now Destiny 2 has a villain, a sense of what and why you're fighting, funnelled down into a series of main and side missions, dynamic multiplayer public events and online multiplayer.

From weekly challenges to raids, Bungie want to make sure you've always got plenty to do, but with so many systems on offer, let's make sure you're up to speed on all of them...

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