Destiny 2 Gameplay Reveal: 10 Things We Learned

10. A More Cinematic Campaign

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If there was one area Destiny got absolutely ripped on, it was in its lack of story. Yes, there was lore surrounding the game, but it was lore that needed to be explored via info-burst 'Grimoire cards' outside the game. The story just seemed to end with little to no explanation of what was going on around you, too. Thankfully, it seems as if that is all going to change with Destiny 2.

Bungie started the gameplay reveal off with an opening cinematic from the first mission of D2, focusing on the fall of the Tower and the Cabal's invasion. Even through the course of the mission, which Bungie showed bits and pieces of, there was heavy dialogue throughout and even staged in-game moments that gave way to more story.

The word's "cinematic campaign" were used deliberately by Bungie employees throughout the reveal. They stressed hard how this game will feature a much more gripping story, and how there are more cinematic scenes than ever before in a game they have released.

Across the board, it's very obvious Bungie is wholeheartedly trying to present a more structured story to the player. Just over the course of the reveal, more seemed to be revealed about Destiny 2's story than players even knew up front about the first game. Planets were given meaning, characters were given motives and background, and there was something present the first game missed - emotion.

Say what you want, but Bungie look to have heard those cries over their previous lack of story.

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