Destiny 2 Reviews: 11 Critical Reactions You Need To Know

A superior if familiar sequel.

Destiny 2

Destiny 2 is out now worldwide, but as is the case with most online-only multiplayer games, a full critical consensus, complete with a Metacritic score, likely won't form for at least a few more days as the press gets to see how the game plays in the wild.

However, most outlets have published their review-in-progress impressions from a press event that took place several weeks ago, where they got to play 20 hours of Destiny 2, including the majority of the campaign.

As such, while these reviews are certainly not complete or definitive, they do make a compelling argument that Destiny 2 is a mostly satisfying sequel, with Bungie listening to player complaints even if there are sure to be more than a few new ones in the coming days and weeks.

The bigger picture of Destiny 2's longevity will remain up in the air for a little while, but it's clear that Bungie has created a well-mounted, fiendishly addictive and largely entertaining follow-up to their 2014 smash hit...

11. It Fixes Many Of Destiny's Biggest Flaws

Destiny 2
"Perhaps the highest compliment I can pay to Destiny 2 is that it makes its predecessor seem even worse in hindsight...During my playtime, I repeatedly found myself wondering how I had ever put up with all the nonsense in Destiny. Because most of it is gone in Destiny 2... At the very least, what I’ve played of Destiny 2 is an incredibly promising start. In plain English, it feels like Destiny without all the bulls***." - Polygon
"So far, Destiny 2 builds on the original in smart ways that make me excited to keep playing." - Gamespot
"Destiny 2 is bigger, better, and more beautiful than ever. I could have spent a paragraph talking about the skies alone. Endless side quests and activities, a thrilling campaign and slick PvP are only the beginning of what’s on offer." - Gamesradar

The original Destiny was a massively flawed game that confounded a lot of pre-release expectations, both in terms of how its lore was unspooled, and how players were able to advance their characters.

Thankfully Destiny 2 shows that Bungie has listened to the immensely vocal fan criticism of the last three years, for while the game isn't completely free of the original's missteps, it does jettison most of the big complaints, and it seems that if one went back to play the "vanilla" 2014 game now, it would seem hilariously basic by comparison.

Simply, if you dug the first game, this is a must-buy, and if you were mixed on it, you might also want to consider giving the follow-up a chance.

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